I am a social and digital media addicted 20-something, looking to finally establish myself as a "digital person."

To me, a digital person is someone who is very present on the cyberspace. That's why I now have a website I can be somewhat proud of that I am running and maintaining all by myself. It's kind of a little DIY project, you know?

If you want to know a bit more, I suppose I can tell you.

I was born in Istanbul, lived there most of my life, and then moved to Montreal to study political science. I focused mostly on international relations and political theory, but what I really did was student journalism. My school didn't have a school of journalism, so I had to work at one of the student newspapers to learn about journalism and media.

But my true passion is political theory or political philosophy. (It would've been sociology, probably, if I had taken a sociology course in my first year instead of my last year. Oh well.) There is just something fundamentally fulfilling about finding out how humans function in society. What are some ideas that guide us and how can we use those ideas to generate even better ideas?

Once I was done with school, I started working at a large-ish media company and realized/remembered how much I loved social and digital media.

Anyway, now we're here. So if you'd like to know more about me, just click around.

Cem Ertekin

Work Experience

Coordinator, International Channels; YouTube Channel Manager; Data Analyst; Social Media Manager @ WatchMojo.com
Montreal, QC - 2016-present

Initially started working at WatchMojo as channel manager of the Turkish channel. Eventually, I branched out to do data analysis and to manage our Facebook page. Completely revamped the Facebook tone WatchMojo has. While on Facebook, I also managed our advertising account. Managed to increase total page likes from 250k to around 300k. Currently manage the YouTube channel, which has 15 million total subscribers and 180 million views monthly.

Managing Editor @ Forget the Box
Montreal, QC - 2014-present

Forget the Box (FTB) is a Montreal based independent media collective. As managing editor, part of my job was to find new and different ways to improve and increase our reach on social media. For this, I integrated Facebook's instant articles into the collective's normal workflow. In addition, I managed our coverage of high-scale Montreal events such as Just for Laughs.

Coordinating News Editor @ The McGill Daily
Montreal, QC - 2015-2016

The McGill Daily is a campus-based newspaper, that strives to cover stories overlooked by mainstream media sources. In addition, The Daily acts as an alternative school of journalism. As such, my tasks involved training new journalists, as well as doing journalism myself. Have written over 100 articles, edited more than 200 articles, and produced at least 24 print issues.


BA Honors Political Science from McGill University
Montreal, QC - 2016


Coding: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, some Java, some JQuery, YouTube Data API, YouTube Analytics API, Facebook Graph API, Adobe Dreamweaver

Writing & Editing: News writing, editorial writing, copywriting, copy editing

Social Media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress social media marketing, search engine optimization

Audio, Video & Image Editing: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign, Final Cut Pro X

Languages: Fluent in English, French, Turkish. Advanced in Russian. Beginner in Japanese.


Available upon request.

Coming soon.